Selection of Strainers

Our PAGET brand of strainers are designed to successfully protect and increase the life of valves, pumps, traps, pressure regulators, controls and meters. Our design, rugged construction and large screening area, make our PAGET strainers exceptionally efficient. The strainer not only prevents passage of foreign matter in steam, water, air, oil or gas lines but retains it within the strainer body, where it is removed through a blow-off connection.

We can supply Y-type strainers in cast iron, ductile iron, lead free bronze or stainless steel materials. The least expensive and most widely used are the cast iron strainers and are used in non-critical applications involving low pressures and low temperatures. Ductile iron strainers are used when strength, temperatures or mechanical shock are important considerations. The ductile iron has basically the same mechanical properties as cast steel but costs much less. Ductile iron is recommended for LP Gas services. Stainless steel is used for food or chemical processing. Lead free bronze is generally used for saltwater or brine applications.

Selection of Screening Elements

The efficiency of a strainer is dependent upon the proper selection of the size of the perforations or the number of wire mesh in the screening element. The industry's basic rule is to use the coarsest mesh or perforations that will strain out the harmful foreign particles. Anything smaller will plug up the element quicker and anything larger will allow the damaging particles to pass thru and wreak havoc on the equipment it was designed to protect. Screens can be furnished with perforations ranging from 164"to ½" diameters in stainless steel (standard), monel or brass. Stock wire mesh screens in stainless steel (standard), monel or brass are available in the following meshes: 20, 30, 40, 50 60, 80 and 100. Finer mesh screen are available upon request. Please note that we do not make recommendations as to what screens you need for your particular application.

Replacement Screens and Baskets

We make replacement screens and baskets for our line of strainers, as well as for some other manufacturers’ strainers when dimensions are available.

Temporary Line Strainers

We also make stainless steel temporary line strainers, which are installed between flanges at start-up time to collect the start-up debris and are later removed for the continuation of normal service.

Wide Selection and In-House Inventory

In addition to our large, in-house inventory of our PAGET brand of strainers, we also stock other strainers in order to offer our customers a solution to almost every application.

Our large, in-house inventory of our PAGET strainers enables us to manufacture and ship to our customers “UPS-NEXT DAY”, when specified by our customers.

We also distribute Mueller Strainers. Contact our office for more information on these products.